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    Default Peachtree Complete 2011 - A couple of questions

    I have a couple of items that would save me huge amounts of time. I use Peachtree Complete 2011. I create purchase orders for my subcontractors. Then when I pay them, I use the Tasks-> Purchases/Receive Inventory so that I can then go to Tasks -> Select for Payment -> Paper Checks.

    Everything works great, but I would save a huge amount of time if I can figure out how to:

    1. When I select a purchase order to pay in the Purchases/Receive Inventory screen, it would auto-populate the invoice number with the purchase order. This has to be a common request.

    2. When I select a purchase order to be paid, is there a way to select the entire purchase order instead of having to right down the quantity of each line.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Re: Peachtree Complete 2011 - A couple of questions


    To be honest, I use Quickbooks and I don't have a copy of Peachtree to try to figure this out.

    I know many Accountants prefer Peachtree and encourage their small business owner clients to use it so there may be some JLC contributors who could help you. Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

    Peachtree sponsors a user community forum just like Quickbooks. This might be another avenue to help get your answers.

    I hope this helps.
    Joe Adams
    Deep Creek Builders, Inc.
    Houston, Texas

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