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    Default Weatherstripping for 1980s "Atrium Door"

    I am currently working with a customer in Southern NH on a few projects. She has a home built in the late 1980s that features an "Atrium Door" (brand name) out onto her porch. The door is still in excellent condition, being protected from the elements by the porch, and also because the homeowner is diligent about maintenance. That said, she has a few cats who over the years have destroyed the bottom two feet or so of the weatherstripping.

    The weatherstripping is a kerf-in type, but is not the typical foam-filled vinyl that is often seen today. It's almost entirely rubber, except for the rigid plastic sharktooth portion to fit into the kerf.

    I have spoken to a few salespeople at lumber yards I deal with, to no avail. I have contacted Atrium as well, but in the interest of seeing if this is something I don't need to special order, I was wondering if anyone had any experience locating this stuff.

    I have attached photos. The total depth of the material is 7/8" as measured from the leading edge, to the back of the kerf-insert.

    I also must say - it's a pretty neat design, and I wonder why it isn't used more often... It looks like it seals up nicely.
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    Default Re: Weatherstripping for 1980s "Atrium Door"

    Not exact but maybe useable
    May just be special order from Atrium (if available)
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    Default Re: Weatherstripping for 1980s "Atrium Door"

    RCT has something similar as well.

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    Default Re: Weatherstripping for 1980s "Atrium Door"

    Awesome site - thank you! I also found this site that carries some direct replacements for those doors (and some others):

    Hopefully they're a good outfit - I'm getting spoiled using Amazon.

    First time using these forums to get help with a question - I am certain to be back. Thanks for the help.

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