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    Default Apex Block- Fox block

    Hi saw demo on Apex block .

    In my opinion : the Biggest + is the blocks 3 hr fire rating... & less concrete is used in the pour but at the demo all the corners are made out of a standard block by cutting out 45* with a chain saw & then needed temp blocking was a minus.
    Price is about $12 a block more the fox blocks an looked like they do not interlock like fox blocks.
    An as they are a cementagous product each block weighs 55lbs
    The facts may very since there was allot to absorb an my memory is not steller...
    Their web-

    So any body use them - pencil out the costs to determine if the less cement in the pour makes up for the higher per block cost?

    Great news is opening a plant in central Oregon so some jobs will sure help those nice folks around Roseburg.

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    Default Re: Apex Block- Fox block

    I would not want to make my own corners, that's for sure. That in itself would be a deal breaker for me.

    55 lbs per block is another drawback, that's going to slow you down. The R value must be much less than conventional EPS forms.
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