If you don't have a YouTube video about your business on the web, you should. It is very simple to do and you don't even need a video camera to make one. You can use stills.


Here's how I made this in about 10 minutes.

1) Using the Picassa desktop app, I imported my existing pre-made BergenDecks slideshow (from Picassa online) as still images. I always caption the images as I import them to Picassa, so the captioning was already done and came through
2) Edited the title slides in Picassa desktop app
3) Clicked the "Publish to YouTube" button.


These YouTube videos supposedly give you a big SEO boost from what I've been told. It was easy to do and will be very easy to maintain as an ongoing thing.

I actually don't like this video, so I will most likely make a nicer one in the near future. But for now, it will work.

If you are using alternate photo hosting sites, I think you are wasting your time. Google has EVERYTHING so integrated, it's simple and efficient to use since they own EVERYTHING!!!