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    Default spray foam smell

    I had a house sprayed about 3 months ago, it was a remodel and we ended up spraying the attic with R-19 open cell foam. There is still a strong chemical smell in the attic even after about three weeks of using a power blower and with the remainder of the time opening the windows I don't believe that the smell should still be there. It was a prominent regional company that did the work but am getting no answers to satisfy my customers or me for that matter. I have read about it being sprayed to thick, not the right mixture etc but how do I get some real answers or test done on the product

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    Default Re: spray foam smell

    If it was open cell foam the thickness sprayed is not a concern. It can be sprayed very thick in on pass and not cause a problem. The odor is another thing all together. I would contact the manufacturer if the installer is of little help. The odor should have disapated after a couple of days. As for the mixture, if you look at the foam it should soft and crystalize looking. I think most of the cc foams are white or off white in color. If it is brown, then I think it could be a problem. Check for shrinkage which would another sign of an off ratio mix.
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    Default Re: spray foam smell

    Find out who manufactured the foam and call them. Open cell foam should cure in less than a day, and as long as it is not over 10 inches thick it should be fine in terms of thickness. The claim to fame for open cell is the 'gas' is carbon dioxide, steam, and water. None of which has an odor. If you are getting an odor that lasts a long time, something is wrong.

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    Default Re: spray foam smell

    I had open cell "injection foam" place in a vaulted ceiling in an attic room. We did not want to remove the dry wall to place close cell in.

    A very strong chemical smell became apparent after the install. After about 4 weeks of fans, the chemical smell keeps coming back. Usually within hours of stopping the fans.

    On cooler days, the chemical smell would not be around as much. I have assumed that the heat from the roof in contact with the open cell foam is causing the chemical smell. The house is in Atlanta, GA and the temperatures here are approching 98 daily.

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    Default Re: spray foam smell

    I'd call an air quality firm and have the home tested to be sure you aren't breathing toxic chemicals above a safe level.
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