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    Default Johnsonite (Tarkett) Veneto Linoleum xf Installation?

    While volunteering at the local Habitat For Humanity store (LA) last year I purchased roughly 3000 sq ft of new, donated, Tarkett Veneto Linoleum, in two related colors. This is the stuff they used to make before vinyl that has been making a comeback lately. It's made from wood and cork flour, limestone and linseed oil. Ecologically friendly, naturally antibacterial, etc. This is the stuff that now goes for around $30/yd. (And boy is it heavy, about 450# for a 6' roll. Fun to move.)

    The preferred technique to join sheets is to underscribe the seam, then heat weld the seams. To do this you rout the seams with a hand router or an electric router, then heat weld with a 4mm Linoleum weld rod. If a different color weld rod is used you get a decorative line. See

    I have a project where I'd like to install some of the Linoleum. But, as you might expect, the dealers I've talked to aren't interested in installing what I have, they only want to install what they sell. A mitigating factor is that I will probably want to buy some additional material in contrasting or complementary colors. (Decorative patterns are also fun and relatively easy to do.) (For what it is worth, many of the dealers in this area (LA) sub out installation to local crews.)

    I'm hoping someone might know an installer (or 'artist') who knows how to install this product, is trained on it, has experience in the decorative patterns that can be done with Linoleum, and might be willing to do it, in the LA area. Since I have much more Linoleum than I'm likely to need, a trade is an option. I'd sure appreciate it if you have any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Johnsonite (Tarkett) Veneto Linoleum xf Installation?

    We normally buy our flooring and then hire our installers seperately. I have a list of installers I like for different kinds of products. They type of product you have definitely requires welding. That type of installation technique is normally done in hospitals. So I'd find a commercial installer that does a lot of hospital work. So how do you find a commercial installer - I just call the distributor (not the dealers, the dealers buy from the distributors, the dealers just have the showrooms). You might need an installer certified for the material you have, the distributor can hopefully tell you that.

    The material you have is really great stuff. You need to think about a few things though:
    1. it can change color when exposed to sunlight - make sure to install all at the same time in the same house, otherwise they will notice that the stuff looks different in a later install
    2. it can shrink and expand depending on heat - so leave some space next to the walls
    3. if you crack it when you move the material - don't use that section - you can't make that crack go away
    4. the welding required is very difficult and time consuming, so installation is going to be more expensive than regular resilient sheet product. Plus like you said the stuff is very heavy and hard to move around.
    5. the welding rod material will need to come from the distributor. Make sure that you get the right stuff, not some weird off brand. You don't want to make a mistake with flooring.

    Sorry I don't know anyone in LA for installation.

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