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    Default Owens Corning Fold-Form system

    I can't find this on their site, but does anyone know if their corner systems include an extra 2" for the foam thickness or do you need to shrink the foundation to avoid using a splice detail? I'm not sure if the dimensions of the foundation for this system are taken from the desired concrete size or if you measure from the outside face of the foam.
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    Default Re: Owens Corning Fold-Form system

    All ICFs are measured from the exterior surface, ie corner to corner.

    That said, you need to be aware of the eps dimension for you top bearing plates. contact me if you need more info.
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    Default Re: Owens Corning Fold-Form system


    An assembled Fold Form long corner kit will measure 48" x 50" and a short corner kit will measure 24" x 26" due to the foam overlap in the corner. That dimension is the overall lenth at the outside edge of the foam. Since the majority of installations utilize a sill plate installation to the outside edge of the foam, that edge becomes the perimeter of the foundation, with the floor assembly extending to that same edge of the foam. Also, most installations do require a common seam (or splice) which are not difficult at all.


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