Hey Guys.

My electrician for the past 10 years here just told me that he doesn't think he is going to be able to get to my work any more because he is just too dang busy and can't find enough guys to get to all of the work that he has!!! I think he currently has about 10 employees.

The main reason that he won't be able to get to me is I moved my business 2 hours away from where we were working together, so it's really more inconvenient for him to pass up local work and do mine when he is short handed. He has been sending guys down here till now but he's just gotten swamped with too much work and somethings gotta give.

I was his first General when he got licensed 10 years ago and I hate to break the relationship so I told him I would post this hear to see if I could help him find some guys that may read the board here that are looking for work.

He does work in several areas of Utah. Most of his work is in Either the Salt Lake City/Provo/Orem areas or the Vernal area of Eastern Utah that is currently in a huge construction boom due to the oil industry. My work is in Central Utah down by Richfield and he usually just sends a crew of guys here from one of the other areas when we need him.

He said he could currently use several new journeymen on both of his crews and anyone is welcome to call if looking for full time of part time work. The company is called TJ Electic. His name is Trent. Cell Phone is 801-372-8113 or you could email him at tjelectric@bresnan.net

Thanks guys!!!!