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    Default Outlook 2000, Want to delete personal folder

    Through a screwed up synch with my Palm---switching over to synch with different PC----I have my tasks, Contacts, and Calendar items entered in duplicate , and triplicate. I've got a back-up but have had no luck making it the default. Obviously, an import is not the answer. Any suggestions appreciated.
    Dan Bloomer
    Bloomer-Cucci, Stairbuilders

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    Default Re: Outlook 2000, Want to delete personal folder

    You didn't really give me enough info, so I'm shooting from the hip...
    I'm assuming you're using a .PST file, and you have at least *one* copy somewhere that is OK. I'm also assuming the new computer has Outlook set up and working properly (so you can plug in the one working .PST file) You're not clear about what is screwed up, I'm going from the title of your message only.

    Here's what I'd do - it's down and dirty. Instead of fighting Outlook 2000's hideous "default" .PST file, just do a brain transplant on it.

    Before you start - make sure you've downloaded and saved somewhere you can find it - the latest version of your PalmOS software/conduit.

    1) Close Outlook on both computers.

    2) On whichever PC has the good no-dupe copy, Identify the OK .PST file (the backup, or whatever one has no dupes, etc.) Make a copy of it - either somewhere you can reach over a network, or on a thumb drive, CD-R - whatever it'll fit on and you'll be able to use to load it back up to the PC you want to use when you're all done.

    3) Figure out the active/default .PST file on whichever PC you want to use going forward (the one with the screwed up file, right?) Do a search (win2K, XP) or find (if Win98) on '*.pst' (no quotes, but include the *.) - that should return all the .pst files on the machine. Find the last one accessed, that's probably the one. Note the name, and most importantly, the path. You're going to do a brain transplant to that location

    4) Re-name the screwed-up file it with an .old extension - it'll look like "outlook.pst.old" or "default.pst.old" or "mail.pst.old" when you're done

    5) At this point you have a copy of Outlook with no data file, and it'll complain loudly if you open it - so don't.

    6) Copy the good file you backed up to the folder on the PC you want to use where you renamed the screwed up file.

    7) Re-name the file you just copied to the exact same original name (if it isn't already). So... if your original screwed-up file was 'outlook.pst' - make the one you just copied in 'outlook.pst'. Whatever it was named, re-name the new one to match.

    8) You should have 'fooled' Outlook to see the backup file as the original, and it should open fine. If it does - immediately back it up again to someplace safe. Make a copy of that *.pst file using Windows explorer... don't try any of the Outlook backup/archive features.

    At this point, you should have a good Outlook installation, and the .PST file backed up somewhere in case we blow it again...

    9) Next - you need to wipe out all your hotsync data , wiping it clean. How you do this is going to depend on the version of PalmOS, the conduit you're using, whether or not you actively use Palm Desktop, etc. I would simply uninstall everything, but you can do it manually piece by piece if you know what you're doing.

    10) Hard reset your PDA to wipe it clean.

    11) If you uninstalled the Palm software (my recommendation), now re-install it clean on the machine you're going to hotsync.

    At this point you should have nothing in the hotsync queue, nothing in any of your Palm apps on the PDA, and nothing in the Palm desktop (if you use that). It should be just like the day you bought it, except it'll be updated to whatever the last PalmOS version you had installed

    12) Re-configure your PDA conduit and profile to sync with Outlook. This one time (only) - have it push everything from the PC to the PDA. (PC modifies PDA) for each component/app you're synching.

    13) Perform a preliminary hotsync.

    At this point you should have the same info in your PDA as you had in Outlook.

    14) Finally - Modify your Hotsync app/conduit to work the way you want it to going forward.... Sync in both directions... PC modifies Handheld... handheld modifies PC.... however you want it, for each component you're synching.

    Before you start - back up everything and make sure you have your Palm software available.

    For those of you wondering.... I realize there are more eloquent, probably easier, fewer steps ways to do this - but I took Dan the long way around because if you miss anything the other way, it'll sync whatever was leftover, or keep adding to.... and make an even bigger mess.

    Hope that helps
    ((Planning + Process) x Technology) = SUCCESS!

    Joe Stoddard
    Mountain Consulting Group, LLC

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    Jun 2004
    Waterville, Maine

    Default Re: Outlook 2000, Want to delete personal folder


    Thanks a whole lot!! I've been farting around with this for a ridiculous amount of time. -----Enough time to understand the reasons for your approach. I'd been putting off doing the switch because I was afraid it was going to be the pain that its become.

    You did guess right on my situation, and I believe I'm clear to go with your method. Thanks again
    Dan Bloomer
    Bloomer-Cucci, Stairbuilders

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