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    Default Feedback on Unico System (HVAC)?

    I am looking for feedback/opinions about the Unico System. I have spoken with some Unico subs and they all have favorable opinions (for obvious reasons), but I am hoping to hear from anyone who has had experience installing in either a remodel or new project.

    My project involves an Eichler style home that will be stripped to the framing but will also include a 900 sqft addition (new kitchen/great room combo). The radiant heat failed years ago and the current system is baseboard. An alternate heating system choice is going with new radiant and a gypcrete pour on the existing slab. But the owner wants AC, thus Unico is the prefered solution (with a foam roof installed afterwards). We are looking at installing two zones which will require two heat pumps, etc.

    I am interested in any installation feedback, as well as any feedback in terms of performance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Feedback on Unico System (HVAC)?

    Please fill in profile, and I may be inclined to provide input! Also area is important.

    Take Care


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