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    Default Plaster Cottage Cheese Ceiling

    I own a house with plaster walls and ceilings. What is the best way make the ceilings smooth?


    I'am in the trades but not this one, just wanted to know what the options were.

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    Default Re: Plaster Cottage Cheese Ceiling

    The best method depends on your budget and skill level. I would skim coat the ceiling with Easy Sand drywall compound, then finish coat it with some lightweight drywall compound. However, a plasterer may know a better approach.
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    Default Re: Plaster Cottage Cheese Ceiling

    some people usually screw 1/2 drywall to the ceiling. saves skimming over plaster popcorn. if the popcorn is just sprayed on you can wet it with a garden sprayer and scrape it off. double check to make sure that it is not asbestos.
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