I'm an ex builder looking to build my first single family ocean-front rental property on Ocean Isle Beach which is halfway between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

I've ruled out moduler (I lose too much room to marraige walls and such) and true custom stick built is too expensive based on a half dozen quotes I've received from local GC's who stick build the old fashion way using all local tradesman. Please no flames, I respect many of these builders, but my financial requirements force me to be creative with this scenario. I would contract the work myself, but the distance (3.5 hours) is just too far.

I'm instead looking for builder / framer that utilizes panleized construction and as a result, can deliver the product quicker and more economically. So far all the "locals" I've encountered are resistant to "new ways"... yes I know many of the "old ways" are better.

Is anyone aware of any builders who leverage panelized construction in the areas between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC? This is the area I'm trying to build my home.

PS: I spken to both Forest Homes and Wassau and both indicate that they're actively recruiting for builders in these areas, but don't yet have any on board.

Thanks a million for any tips / suggestions.