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    Jeremy Guest

    Default Air chisel for concrete?

    Have any of you guys used an air chisel (the type used for auto body work and such) for chipping concrete block? I have to bust an opening into a basement and thought this may speed up the process. The wall is 8" block and we already cut through the outside of the wall as deep as our saw would go. We can't use the saw inside (finished basement) so I'll have to chisel by hand. We don't have an SDS drill, but would an air chisel work with a wider chisel? I guess I could just try it on my own, but I wanted to get some feedback first

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    James Eggert Guest

    Default Re: Air chisel for concrete?

    At your local rental place, you should be able to rent a small air demo gun called a zipper which are like a bigger air chisel. Keep in mind you will have to put up a dust wall.

    You also could just rent an electric demo gun and same thing, put up a dust wall.


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    Jeremy Guest

    Default Re: Air chisel for concrete?

    Thanks Jim

    My main reason for using the air chisel was because some of the areas are pretty tight and akward to get a larger tool into. I would like to use something that is easier to handle and less tiring to hold.

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    James Eggert Guest

    Default Re: Air chisel for concrete?

    That is what a zipper is for, they weigh about 20# and are extrememly small and useful for demo work. Fast also.
    A zipper is actually a very small concrete breaker.


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    Bill Guest

    Default Re: Air chisel for concrete?

    The air chisel works great, but you do have to have a larger capacity compressor to keep up with the volume.

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    wes Guest

    Default Re: Air chisel for concrete?

    I bought an air chisel at walmart to remove some concrete out of a stem wall to make way for a garage door track. It worked great but needed to be re-oiled every so often and I used a concrete saw to make the initial cuts. We don't have a rent-a-center for over an hour and it was cheaper to buy the tool. I use a porter cable 3hp stacked compressor and I had to take my time with it but it got the job done.

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