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    David Guest

    Default Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    I just lost $5,000 in tools from my locked tool trailer inside a locked garage behind a locked fence at a house I am remodeling. I am thinking of buying a Knaack jobiste toolbox and wedge anchor (i.e. Hilti Bolt) the box to the garage floor of houses I remodel. What other non-lethal approaches can you recommend?

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    Sam Morgan Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes


    Sam Morgan
    S. W. Morgan Fine Homes

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    Dave Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    If they want it bad enough they'll find a way to get it no matter what you do. Knack boxes are good, we have 2 on our job. Trailers are reasonable too with a couple locks on them. The mobility of a trailer kind of offsets it's lessened security in comparison to the knack box. Ultimately, insurance is the only true protection as Sam suggested.


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    JeffB Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Not to mention properly marking your tools. Keep in mind that most thieves steal tools to take to the pawn shop or sell on the street, not for personal use. It's a lot harder to unload these items if your company name and phone number are marked all over them. It's up to you if you want to use paint & stencils, etching tools, markers, or whatever. Just make sure the marks are easy to read and hard to remove. Give the thief every reason to find an easier target.

    For more information read the previous thread:

    Do you mark your tools? -- Seymour -- 1/19/02
    16 responses -- 4/29/02

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Had some theives come in to a job site and peel back the tops of two Knack boxes. I had to replace the tools and the boxes.

    Ed. Williams

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    David Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Thanks for the good advise. I'm going to write down the serial #, paint them an ugly color and scripe my name on them. I also bought big padlocks, a bright light for the front, put lights on timers inside the empty house and bought a cheep motion detector alarm to put in the garage.

    I would have better theft insurance if I wasn't already paying a ton of money for California workmans compensation insurance!!!

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    Todd Chapman Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Most builders around here either take their tool trailer home at night or back it up to a wall and park somehting like a backhoe in front of it.

    I made a detailed list for my insurance agent of all of my tools. He said he had never seen such a detailed list and the end result was a reduced premium. Also with a detailed list I know exactly what I have to replace if something does happen. My insurance agent said most of the time when tools are stolen the builder can't remember exactly what they had and don't realize what all is gone until the try to do something and that rarely used tool missing.

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    Mark Parlee Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Check with your local sherif about an ID #
    mine is IA0770156p meaning IA = iowa
    077 = polk county 0156p = in Polk county Iowa
    I am the 156th person to register with the last name starting with the letter p. Granted this does not make my tools theft proof, but it does make them very easily identifiable to any law enforcement office inthe entire country, My insurance man likes it too. It's good to keep your insurance agent happy, don't you agree

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Knaack Jobsite Boxes

    Todd has a great point.

    It's almost impossible for large subs who supply tools to be sure what is where and when.

    I, for one, am fixing to cure that whith an employee who's job it is to keep track of that, run errands, and work in the shop and office.

    Boy, I'd hate to be that guy!

    Just kidding. It will be a great job for the right man. But it takes a good size company with enough funds to cover the overhead.

    Wish me luck!

    Ed. Williams

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