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Thread: Laser levels

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    Benny Guest

    Default Laser levels

    I am researching laser levels, particularly the Robo Laser and the Laser Pro Pack. I was wondering if anyone has used any of these. I want to be able to use them for a variety of task from suspended ceilings to cabinets to chair rail and foundation and site work. The Laser Pro Pack seems to be the best but Lowes has this special on Robo Laser and the Laser Vector combo for 350. And I think the Laser Vector would be nice so that one person could plumb bob things instead of one person holding and one marking. But I was wondering how the Robo Laser Compared to the laser included in the laser pro pack.
    any responses would be helpfull

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    piffin Guest

    Default Re: Laser levels

    For plumbing verticaal lines, a laser won't blow around in the wind either.

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    Kraig Ellis Guest

    Default Re: Laser levels

    I have been using the Robo Laser now for about two years and really like it. I use it primarily for setting kitchen cabinets. I find the highest spot in the floor, set the laser at 34 1/2", make reference marks on the walls about every four feet and connect the dots with a straight edge and then put the laser away. This takes about 5 minutes, and saves major time installing the base cabinets. I have used it for decks, suspended ceilings, concrete formwork, etc. I usually work alone, and the remote is priceless. I prefer not to have a dot racing around a room all the time. I really feel that you would be hard pressed to find a better priced laser level. This tool paid for itself in about three jobs and is now working for free!
    I am next going to purchase one of the self leveling plumb lasers.

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    the east ender Guest

    Default Re: Laser levels

    sound like he needs two lazer levels to to do the one lazer pro pack

    i got the pro pack it is good for small jobs and remodeling best thing i like it for is remodeling jobs where a straight line is needed but not nessacearly level ( i use this for straightenng floors and or chair rail) sure is sweet for layout of uper platesin remodels or comercial const.

    I have used som 3000 dollar ones and they are more accurate and built to with stand some abuse. so when I am done with my 250 dollar level it goes directly into its case

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    rob Guest

    Default Re: Laser levels

    i have a mometum xl ,i bought it to do finish carpentry work. every time i take it out and try to use for chair rail the houses houses are so out of level if i follow the level line the rail will look crooked. also i think the line is to wide to set cabinets.great for finding high and low spots in the floor . im sure i will find a house i can use it in!

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    Jason Guest

    Default Re: Laser levels

    I'm sorry, who makes the Laser/Lazer pro pack and what is it?

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