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    dale Guest

    Default Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    Just bought one, and wonder if you can use generic nails? ex. Grip_rite (home depot), Master Fastener (Woodworkers warehouse)etc. Paslode nails come in huge quantities (5,000) and I am not a framing contractor ( just a repair and remodel contractor) so I don't need such large amounts. Thanks

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    Jim Eggert Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    Most generic nails work well with the impulse guns. But if you want to save money just buy 8p and 12p and skip the rest. One thing about the Paslode nails is if they get wet in the truck they don't fall apart. That in itself justifies buying the Paslode. You can always leave 1/2 the box home!

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    piffin Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    Should read the article in Tools of thr Trade about how generics can ruin a gun

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    Pharos Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    I have noticed that even larger diameter nails by Paslode (i.e. .131") are sometimes difficult to fire from my Impulse. Paslode (ITW) specifies which of their own nails to use in their guns for a reason. You've already parted with your $300 for a automatic hammer...Is it worth the damage to avoid spending $20 extra for nails you might not use? Mine is a great tool and I recommend following ITW's instructions.

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    Dale Beauchamp Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    I have had very few problems with my Paslode guns. When there was a problem firing nails it was due to GENERIC nails. I would recommend the manufactures nails, they may be more$$, but time to clear out the jamb costs you $$ also!!

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    Mike Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    I manage a Paslode dealer/factory auth'd service center, and I can tell you that using generic nails in your nail gun can & will cause short term & long term problems. This really goes for all brands....generic nails are generally designed for many different tools, not all of which should be sharing the same fastener. One of the most common problems is the gradual deterioration of the fastener guide, which leads to jams & misfires & eventually a bent driver blade. And I can't tell you how many Impulse tools we see with 28 degree wire collated nails in the magazine. PLEASE don't do'll need to replace your fastener guide in no time.

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    Tim Uhler Guest

    Default Re: Paslode Impulse framing nailer

    We've had the Impulse framing gun since April. I decided to clean the gun and I followed all the directions. The problem is when I put it back together, it doesn't fire. The problem is that when it is all put back together, the nosepiece doesn't come back far enough to turn the fan on. I'm frustrated because I've been through the manuel a thousand times. I can't figure it out and neither can my framing partner. I feel like an idiot. Can anyone help me? By the way, I really love this gun.

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