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    Erick Guest

    Default Gluing a toilet tank lid

    We cracked a toilet tank lid and as the crack is clean we can glue it back together and it will not be noticeable. Do you know the best adhesive/method to glue ceramic toilet lid. (Please do not ask why we cannot replace it). Thanks


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    Jim Guest

    Default Re: Gluing a toilet tank lid

    OK I wont ask!!
    Try a two part epoxy with a clear base. Most cabinet top fabricators should have some. You can use large ruber bands or nylon straps as a clamp.

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    James Eggert Guest

    Default Re: Gluing a toilet tank lid

    The crack will eventually telegraph as a darl line, maybe not right away, but down the road!

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    Chad Fabry Guest

    Default Re: Gluing a toilet tank lid

    I've had very good luck with cyanoacrylate.
    Ok, Ok, Ok it's superglue. It works. I dropped an antique butter dish on my wife's antique earthen ware cannister set and fixed everything before she got home and she still doesn't know it. The hardest part was seperating the flour from the coffee.

    The butter dish was glass and we're all still wondering what happened to guess is it was lost at a picnic.

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    Ode Guest

    Default Re: Gluing a toilet tank lid

    We send this type of material to a restorer via a local fine jewelery store. This learned while we had our GL was taking care of a broken antique porcelain centerpiece with their adjuster.
    A roofing sub banged a roll of modified down above the chandelier, the bottom pendant jumped off to break the center piece.

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