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    John P Guest

    Default 3-Season Porch Enclosure

    I am interested in constructing a 3-Season porch enclosure with panelized storm-screen sections with doors on an exterior deck attached to the house. Are there any companies that market a system like this that I could incorporate into my design. John P.

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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: 3-Season Porch Enclosure

    Harvey Industries has a porch enclosure system connecting storm door panels with f & h channels.

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    John P Guest

    Default Re: 3-Season Porch Enclosure


    Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with Harvey Industries and have used their Porch Enclosure System for a small breezeway. I am interested in a wood system of panels to go with the existing character of the house. Thanks.

    John P.

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    Aron Guest

    Default Re: 3-Season Porch Enclosure

    Try Vixen Hill they make modular cedar porch systems in cedar. I've never used them but they look pretty good in their literature.

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