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    arnie Guest

    Default Corian Sink Replacement

    Does anyone know if a Corian sink integrated in a kitchen counter can be replaced? What happens if the bowl cracks down around the drain? Can just the sink be replaced, or does it impact the whole counter? If it can be field replaced, are the results good quality?

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    bill burns Guest

    Default Re: Corian Sink Replacement

    the sink can be replaced. but, i would look into warranty on original sink.
    what caused failure?

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    Arnie Guest

    Default Re: Corian Sink Replacement

    The problem has not occurred. We are looking at a kitchen remodel and considering Corian (or other solid surface material). I'm just trying to determine how ugly life becomes if the sink becomes really stained or cracked and needs to be replaced. I assume even if the sink can be replaced, it's going to cost a small fortune.

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    bill burns Guest

    Default Re: Corian Sink Replacement

    the way corian is assembled with adhesives, the sink can be cut out by a competent fabricator and replaced . the sinks themselves are fairly costly, plus the labor involved.
    however, i have worked with the product for a long time, and have seen no failures if instructions are followed on setting of hot pots, and care and cleaning.

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    RICHard Miller Guest

    Default Re: Corian Sink Replacement

    I am a Master Plumber. I see these sinks more and more. Also get on a lot of service calls where I see them.

    Your concerns while valid are unsupported by the facts as far as I can tell.

    I make it my business to know my stuff so can properly advise my clients. When they buy a Corian type sink it eats into my material sales but that is OK if it is in their best interests. One drawback...redecorating is harder.

    My favorite part...when I need a new hole for ad on stuff I just drill it and it is soooo easy!!

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    RICHard Miller Guest

    Default Re: Corian Sink Replacement

    to clarify...I have not had any service calls on the sinks. I just se them when there for something replacing the cheapo faucet from the ugly orange box...I will never understand why someone would pay the big bucks for a Corian countertop and sink then install crappy faucets, disposers, etc.

    I guess that is why I see my job as a buying assistant and educator who then can also install and maintain the equipment.

    I have seen problems with the solis surface type stand alone sinks. The cheapos again. Not the good ones or the built in ones.

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