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Thread: Contact Cement

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    Brian Champer Guest

    Default Contact Cement

    Can someone tell me the best type roller to use to apply contact cement on formica? I'm going to be doing a lot of it. Or is there a better way to apply it that I'm missing?
    Also if anyone has experience spraying cement can you give me some input, pros (if any) and cons.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Contact Cement

    Brian, spraying is absolutly the best method if you can justify the cost of the equipment, which is basicly a pot type sprayer with a tip made for contact glue. You will get the most even coverage and use less glue than rolling or brushing.Haveing said that,when I went on my own I brushed the counter edges and rolled the top surface.Someone will probably disagree but I don't like using the special rollers made for contact glue.It goes on to heavy and is hard to smooth out. I use the cheepest roller cover for oil based paints. 2 thin coats on each surface will give the best results and avoid air bubbles. I use the tried and true solvent based adhesives. There are some self contained spay systems avail. but even my Wilsonart rep does not recomend it. hope this helps,mike

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    Guy Guest

    Default Re: Contact Cement

    I use to work in a cabinet/counter top shop years ago. We use to spray the adhesive on. I agree that spraying is the best method. I no longer work in a shop but still do a few small jobs here and there. I have been rolling the contact cement on which is a little easer with limited space.

    My question to you all: What is the best roller to use when applying contact cement? I have been using a cheap foam style that works well for the first 2 min. then the cover seperates from the roller drum. Can anyone give me a manufacture name for roller covers that work well. Special rollers for contact cement and any other.

    Thank you all for your time and assistance!


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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Contact Cement

    Guy, I'm in the same situation as you. I still do a few on the side. I just use the cheapest roller cover made for oil based paints and have not had the problem that you described. I currently pay about $1.50 per pair at a local hardware store and then just throw it away. Sounds like your covers are only for latex paints. Also, mine are a regular 3/8" knapp and not foam. Hope this helps. Mike

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    Guy Guest

    Default Re: Contact Cement


    Thank you for the advice. I thought about using the type of roller cover that you described, but was concerned about it because I thought it would leave behind fibers, etc.

    Thank you,I give it a try!

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