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    RHall Guest

    Default Splicing vinyl corner posts

    Wish to know the proper technique for putting two corner posts together. I know that on a corner post you nail the very top nailing slot at the top, then nail in the center of the slots. How do you then allow for exspansion where the two connect without making the post unsightly at this area.RHall

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    Jim Guest

    Default Re: Splicing vinyl corner posts

    Check out the web site, this is the home site of the Vinyl Siding Institute. Click on the Vinyl Siding Installationtab and download the PDF manual, and check out page 18. Hope this helps.

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    RHall Guest

    Default Re: Splicing vinyl corner posts

    Thanks for the info:, found their version on page 22, instead of 18. Without diagrams it is sketchy. States that you cut off 1 inch of the nailing flange, then over lap the top post 3/4 inch. Need diagrams or picture of how much is cut out of the post.RHall

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    Jim Guest

    Default Re: Splicing vinyl corner posts

    I had a project that required three more inches of corner than the lengths sold, so I took a chance and spliced on the three inches using a butt up with two factory ends and placing small strip pieces inside and used PVC glue. This looked good,was fast and has held fine through two Michigan Winters.

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