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    Howard Saslow Guest

    Default Timber frame connections

    I have designed a home with exposed beam roof framing over the exterior porch area. Does anyone know where I can find details to make the rafter to beam connections and collar tie to rafter connections. These connections would need to be relatively attractive as they will remain exposed.


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    Jack Guest

    Default Re: Timber frame connections

    There are two books out both by Tedd Benson on timber framing that may have the connections you are looking for. The first title is "Building the Timber Frame House" the second title is "The Timber Frame Home". I just pulled them off the book shelves and it looks like there are connections that would be useful.

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    Jason Guest

    Default Re: Timber frame connections

    As a matter of fact, I am currently quoting out the exact same thing. I got the Simpson's StrongTie CD, which has all of their products listed. There are six pages of beam/glulam connectors made of heavy gauge steel. They come in that strange, galvanized color, but I just paint them black with Rustoleum before installation. Looks very good, not expensive, and code accepted. Failing that, on the last timber-frame home, the connector plates were all "architected" from 3/16" steel with thru-bolts to make connections. I went to my local steel-supplier, who cut the plates and punched out the bolt holes. After putting them in, out came the Rustoleum again, and they looked great.

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    David Gilman Guest

    Default Re: Timber frame connections

    I've been looking for these myself...I found some joist hangers for 4x material at Schroeder Log Home Supply at thier web site do a search for joist can also try Harmony Exchange, they specialize in timber frame construction, there wasn't any connectors on thier web site you'll have to call them. Hope this is some help, good luck

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    Scott Guest

    Default Re: Timber frame connections


    Timber framing doesn't use metal connectors. You want timbers, exposed joints, well do it the old fashioned way with dovetails, mortise and tenons and/or birdsmouths. No metal connectors. follow Jack's lead with Tedd Benson's first book, "building the timber framed house"

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    Seth Guest

    Default Re: Timber frame connections

    Most inspectors like to see steel in the collar tie to rafter connection. It doesn't have to be "seen" though. A steel rod that runs through a channel in the top of the collar tie, where it won't be seen, gives you, the homeowner and the inspector a little piece of mind.

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