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    Aaron Guest

    Default Cutting Odd Shapes In Ceramic Tile

    I am a remodeler and don't do a lot of tile, but get a small job that is not worth subing out. Is there a trick to cutting odd shapes in ceramic tile. I have seen the rotozips being used before and they even advertise the tile cutting bit, but it burns up in about 1" of cutting on ceramic. I have used it with great success with the 4" bathroom wall tiles, but they are obviously a lot softer material. Is ther any tricks to cutting curves or odd shapes (ex. toilet flanges). I realize that with toilet flanges most people just rough cut. Its not pretty, but it gets coverd by the toilet. Well what if your cut is not going to be covered and you need a clean curve. Any suggestions?

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    Steve Price Guest

    Default Re: Cutting Odd Shapes In Ceramic Tile


    You may be trying to cut porcelain tile not ceramic. Porcelain is much harder and requires diamond cutting. I've had good luck using a rotozip with carbide bits for regular ceramic and marble up to 3/8" thick, but you have to go really slowly. As for glass and other unusual coatings, Ive never tried those with a carbide bit

    My tile sub uses a variety of techniques to cut curves including drop cutting with a hand grinder and diamond blade, cutting close parallel lines and notching/chipping back, both of which require belt sanding or grinding/sanding to create a really smooth edge. Makita makes a 1" wide belt sander that works well for tight inside curves, used with a silicone carbide belt. Or, for very intricate and acute angles subbing it to a facility with a water jet cutter.

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    Alan Guest

    Default Re: Cutting Odd Shapes In Ceramic Tile

    When we cut around a closet flange we lay the tile over the flange and take another flange and trace out the exact flange area. Then a grinder with diamond turbo blade to cut out traced area, works to perfection. Roto zip only works on soft wall tiles, not on floor tiles. We use a diamod hole saw to cut all fixure holes in showers.

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    Dave Gobis Guest

    Default Re: Cutting Odd Shapes In Ceramic Tile

    If you start doing a lot of fancy cuts there is both a Diamond Band Saw and Ring Saw with a water feed.

    The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

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