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    Loren Guest

    Default Home-made Truss crane

    Just on a whim, has anyone ever built a home made truss crane. I'm contemplating the idea, but not even sure where to begin and what it would look like.

    It seems as though it would need to be at least 8-10 feet above the top of the walls and able to rotate maybe?

    Could something be built strong enough, long enough with mostly nails and 2X? and maybe a pulley on the end?

    My application has 27' trusses 6' tall, 2 and a half stories up. Has anyone ever done or heard of anything like this before?

    I'm sure osha would have a fit, but they don't come out our way that I've ever heard of.

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    Mark Parlee Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane


    As you say OSHA would have a fit. Even more to the point, how can you waste the time building your own feeble truss crane? I have a four wheel drive forklift on the job more than capable of setting trusses and seldom use it for that. Cranes are cheap. Around here $110 to $140 per hr. depending on the size. The efficiency of them when setting trusses more than pays for itself, not to mention the aspect of safety. Not trying to come off to strong on you, I have had some pretty crazy ideas myself, chalk this up to one of those ideas that you are glad you didn't do and rent a crane


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    FramerT Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane

    I've seen a contraption[home-made steel pipe]that "fitted"on the front bucket of a backhoe once.But to reach 2 1/2 stories up?Out of wood?And rotate,too? Push them up by hand or rent something. Hate to see you on "Framing Follies"!

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    Joe Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane

    Haven't timber framers used poles & ropes for centuries to set timbers? They make a kind of "A" shape with tall straight poles, and tether it in many directions. Sounds a little dangerous though...

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    Jim Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane

    I have use gin poles to lift beams and trusses when I had no other choice. Think of your own safty if not of osha rent the crane or fork lift.
    The also make a hand cranked rooling forklift that that you can rent but probably wont work for trusses.

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    tom d Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane

    i was in the rigging buisness for 20 years and i will say DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME you could build a strong enough arm from lvls but the pivot points would need not only a bearing but would have to be heavily reinforced and you would have a counterweight 4 or more times the weight of the truss.and how would you move it on the job site or do you set and spread by hand?anyhow please don't try to build one from wood, safety first

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    Loren Guest

    Default Re: Home-made Truss crane

    Ok, Ok, I get the point. I kinda figured it wouldn't work, but just thought that I'd see if it had been done before. I won't be trying to rig anything after what's been said here. thanks for the advice.

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