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Thread: Let-In Bracing

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    Sam Finch Guest

    Default Let-In Bracing

    What ever happened to let-in bracing? Iíve been working on houses (platform frame) in the northeast for the last 10 years and I have never seen a framer install let-in bracing. Iíve uncovered it a few times during remodeling however, and seen it in all the framing books Iíve read. Do you have any insight to the appropriate use of this bracing? Do you use 1x6 or the metal kerf in bracing? Do you use it by choice or is it required by code in your area? Where on the house do you install it typically?


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    Mike Sloggatt Guest

    Default Re: Let-In Bracing

    Sam -
    Let in bracing was used on older homes to Brace the walls From racking when using a sheathing that was unable to perform the Function.
    Typically 1x4 or 1x6 Sheathing when installed hiorizontally or vertically. Other products - such a gypsum board product used in the early 50's could not provide any shear value. Todays plywoods perform that function quite well & therefore let in bracing is not necessary .

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    kcoyner Guest

    Default Re: Let-In Bracing

    I use let in bracing on interior walls ocasionally say on a wall perpendicular to a gable wall that is tall enough that the bottom chord of the trusses or ceiling framing can't be braced enough to stop the wall from being a diaphram, and there are no other walls perpendicular to the gable wall.

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    Stephen Beaty Guest

    Default Re: Let-In Bracing

    I used let in bracing recently on a half wall that went into the middle of a room and then had a half door close onto it (daycare center to separate babies from older children). I used a 2x4.

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    Jim Mathwig Guest

    Default Re: Let-In Bracing

    We used let in bracing from the late 70's when I started (others obviously used it before) up into the early 90's. What changed was that almost every house now requires OSB shear over the entire exterior before tyvek and siding so it doesn't seem worth the effort.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Let-In Bracing

    I was told that california has a code where a let-in braces (The L-metal type) are required on any (interior?) wall greater than 10' w/o an opening... it seems that 99% of the time, such walls are already shear walls...


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