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Thread: drip edge

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    Tim Goins Guest

    Default drip edge

    I'm building a shop 40 by 28 feet. And I'm getting ready to lay down the sill. I live in the San Francisco Bat area. So ever thing in my area is stuccoed. When I lay my sill down do I or should I put down a drip edge? And also my plans call out for a non-compressible gasket? What is this? Never heard of it. Thanks Tim

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    jarrod Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    Hey In my area we don't put down drip edge for a stucco exterior. But I have no idea what is done in San Franscio. Also the gasket they may be refering to may be sill seal. All sill seal is a thin piece of foam that is placed between the sill plate and the foundation wall. When you bolt down the anchor bolts it will compress but after that it should be fine. Although that "non-compressible gasket" may be something I've never heard of before. Hope i helped

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    Dick Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    I don't know what a "non-compressable gasket" is or a "drip edge", but stucco walls should have a "weep screed" that is installed by the lather on the base ot the outside of the wall after the structure is framed. This allows the water to run down out from behind the stucco (stucco is not waterproof) and terminates the bottom of the stucco so it doesn't go down to the ground and "suck" water up into the wall.

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    jarrod Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    The only thing we use drip edge for is roofs. All it is, is a piece of alumnium in the shape of a T. It is put on before or after the felt paper is put on and always before the shingles or other finish roofing material. The drip edge nailed on the edge of the roof and prevents the water from running back onto the facia

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    Steve Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    Hi Tim:

    Dick is right about the weep screed, your stucco guy does it at lath time, and you will need this inspected before you stucco. (You do not put down a drip edge attached to or under the mud sill.) Try a good builders supply for the gasket(NOT HD)


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    Dick Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    I am unaware of the gasket. Here in California we are required to foam along the bottom plate and the subfloor to stop air infiltration. Maybe someone has come up with a gasket to eliminate the foam. I'll check into that, sounds like a good idea.

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    CraigV Guest

    Default Re: drip edge

    Sill seals are pretty commonplace here in the NE. It's foam 3-1/2" wide and about 1/8" thick, looks like and probably is the same stuff you can buy at the post office to protect fragile items. Definitely faster to install than spray foam or caulking. However, "non-compressible" and "gasket" are pretty much an oximoron. By definition a gasket must conform to the shape of both surfaces it touches. Oh, and the stuff at HD seems to be no different than what my building supply sells.

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