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    SJP Guest

    Default Sandcat belt sander

    Does anyone have an idea where I can find a Skil sandcat 2 1/2" x 16" belt sander? I've tried the skil website, and the various tool websites that I know of, with no luck, not even on Ebay.

    I used to own one of these sanders, and had it ripped off about 3 yrs ago. Great tool for one hand use, perfect for scribing small stuff. I replaced it with a Bosch 18" but it's nowhere near as compact. I wish Skil still made this tool!!

    Any help would be really appreciated, even if its for another brand of the same size.


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    Brad Raymer Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    I beleive that Skil quit making the sandcat a few years ago. Mine burnt up and our local tool guy could not find parts for it. It was the best for shaping handrail fittings that would not flush up.Try some local flea markets-that's where mine first came from.

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    GaryR&R Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    I too had one and it died about a year ago. I sure miss it for one-handed use. I don't think you will find one that is an exact replacement. I purchased the Makita 3x18, which IMO is pretty close to the Skills handling characteristics.

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    Jeff B Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    You may want to check out for that Skil belt sander. They have a schematic search that lists a 2 1/2" sander, though I don't know if it's the same one you're looking for. You can download the schematic in pdf format and it looks like most of the parts are still available for order. For a new or used sander, you'll probably have to watch ebay for quite a while or scan the local flea markets this spring.

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    I bought one on eBay in the antique-tools-collectables area. It's from the 50's has all metal housings and looks like something out of Buck Rogers. The service guy said he couldn't get parts for it anymore, so I'll just use it till it dies.

    They're out there, just keep looking.

    Ed. Williams

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    SJP Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    Thanks Gents

    What I find wierd is that I can find the 2 1/2 x 16 belts for this tool at most stores, but can't find a sander to fit them!

    Does anyone know of any other brand that makes a 2 1/2 x 16? Why are these belts still available? I use them for a custom hand sanding block, but can't imagine thats the reason they are still selling them. The stores that carry them don't even know what tool they're for, they usually say something to the effect of "oh yeah, we have a sander that size, I think its a bosch, no wait, umm a dewalt.. umm where is it....errr. well..thats wierd, let me ask fred, he'll know...


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    randy p Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    I had one of those many years ago nice little sander not built to last though. Now we use A Bosch compact sander for railing ,ect. works great in one hand model 1278vskk for around 130.00 good luck

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    SJP Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    Hi Randy

    I tried to order one of those from toolcrib months ago and after being told a few times that it was back ordered, they then said it was no longer available! p**sed me off..

    I was really hoping to get the sandcat again becuase it was a known quantity, even if it sounded like a bad Scalextric...(sp?)


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    Paul P Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander


    Don't know what the sander looks like - is this close?

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    SJP Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the info. The sandcat actually looks just like a reg belt sander only much more compact. Perfect for certain scribing jobs and easily one handed. It was one of my favorite tools, even though it wasn't that well made


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    Aaron Foster Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    Randy/Steve - I've been using the Bosch 1278 for a few years now. It has its place, and I use it mainly to sand door jambs after bondo-ing holes and old mortises. Not very good for sanding large flat surfaces. Handy for sharpening chisels on the job and for getting into tight corners. Definitely not a replacement for a full-size belt sander. My favorite sander is the Makita GV5000 with a 3M hook-n-loop pad (sure, its a disc sander, but small and lightweight and you can run as low as 20grit on it, polish your truck, strip paint, cope etc...)

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    "JJ" Guest

    Default Re: Sandcat belt sander

    I used the sandcat for years when first starting out. Now I have several larger (and less loved) sanders, I wish Skil would make the sandcat again. It's the best for small sanding lobs which, in my case, are the majority. Great for edges, corners, etc. Skil, are you listening?

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