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    Vas Gajic Guest

    Default Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board

    I have been using a lot of particle board (melamine) in the construction of cabinets. Anyone know how toxic or lethal particle board really is as far as being exposed to urea-formaldehyde dust? Does the board itself emit any vapours? What are your thoughts, and what precautions do you take when working with this material?

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board

    Uh oh....Gary's gonna kill me...


    The stuff is poison. I won't use it. That's how I deal with it - but that's just me. The manufacturer doesn't want you to know how lethal it is, but if I had to use that stuff all day or smoke, I'd pick smoking.

    Ed. Williams

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    Roger P. Guest

    Default Re: Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board


    Request the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from your supplier. If he doesnt have it he can get it from the manufacturer. You are required by law to have this available on site for any of your employees to view under the Right to Know act. This applies to any materials you use including glues, paints, solvents, cleaning fluids etc., etc., etc.
    Roger P.

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board

    In My Defense...

    I'd love to find a man-made, cheap, builder friendly sheet good product that I could use without fear of toxins. Don't get me wrong. I'm no angel-greenguy here, I smoke, drink and eat fried foods.

    But that's my choice. No one is forcing me to eat fried chicken to save them a few bucks on their cabinetry.

    I am not sold that it is safe product, and I won't ask my employees to use this stuff in order to save someone else a few dollars at the expense of their future health. That's not right. No one has come on board to say it's safe and that there are no health risk involved with using particle board or MDF. If it's so safe, where are the advocates? All I hear good about it is how it mills, the cost and that it takes paint well. So does wood.

    Sure, it paints good and it's "cost effective" but at what cost? Plywood (shop grade) is not THAT much more expensive.

    That's my opinion.

    Ed. Williams

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    Al Constan Guest

    Default Re: Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board

    Try this link about particle board.
    Talks about the risks of particle board and how to work with particle board.
    The bottom of the screen leads you to the different sections of the site.

    Particle board

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    GACC Dallas Guest

    Default Re: Urea-formaldehyde Particle Board


    Excelent information. I'm sure there are links both pro and con regarding these products. I'm not computer literate enough to find them all, but I would find it educational to see more info like this both pro and con.

    Like I said, I'm not opposed to man-made products, but I'm not sold on these.


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