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    fendall welch Guest

    Default composit decking materials

    looking for pro and con comments on using lifetime composit deck boards like Trex or similar products in place of cedar or pressure treated pine.Are customers happy with the look? can they be painted or cleaned after a few years? do they stain if food or drink is spilled on them?

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    Pup Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials *NM*

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    Phil Garner Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials

    Composite decking is great. However, there are some significant differences. LP has one called WeatherBest that was a huge hit at the International Builders Show in Atlanta. It looks more like real wood and weathers to a silvery/cream color like pine. It is environmentally friendly and is virtually maintenance free. It contains zinc borate, an EPA registered, non-toxic product that prevents fungal growth. Some of the other composites that are not as dense and are made with garbage bags tend to have trouble with fungus growing into the boards. Then you have to pressure wash with chemicals to kill the fungus. Not with WB. It has over twice the MOE and MOR of trex. (Modulus of Elasticity and Rupture, the two most important factors to a deck or dock builder.) This means that it will definately give you a full 16" OC span on the 5/4" boards and 24" OC span on their 2X6 boards. It also doesn't retain heat like trex. Trex will burn your feet in the summer if you live down south like I do. My little boy will have to wear shoes on it. Not with WeatherBest! Check them all out and I am sure you will like WB best. Look on the LP website. is the address I think.

    Good Luck

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    fendall welch Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials

    Thanks for info! I'll check the lp product out.

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    Chuck Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials

    The LP site is

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    Greg Gibson Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials

    I'm not sure where Phil Garner lives in the south but in the Northren bay area of California, Trex is King when it comes to composite decking. And I have had no problems with it burning the bottom of my boys feet.

    I can see how the Maderia Red decking or the other colors would gather more heat than the natural. However, I can not see how even in our 100 degree weather how this would be any worse than any darkly stained deck.

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    David Brena Guest

    Default Re: composit decking materials

    I built a 890 SF three level deck using TimberTech two years ago. I am not filing a warranty claim for cupping. Approximately 1/2 the T&G boards are substantially cupped 1/4 to 1/2".

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    Default Re: composit decking materials

    I've heard good things about all the materials mentioned here. Personally, I have two decks made of Eon decking. Although I've had no problems with it, the tough economy forced the company that made Eon out of business. I'd like to build another deck using Eon materials. Does anyone know where I can get some of the decking "boards"? Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement don't seem to carry it anymore. I'd appreciate any suggestions (civil ones, anyway) anyone might have. Thanks.
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