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    Ted S. Guest

    Default Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    What is the difference between Tuff Hide and a skim coat plaster job? Do you still start with blueboard? Do you tape all the joints on blueboard and then spray on the product?

    Can anyone run down the process and how it differs from the skim coat process?


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    james johnson Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    tuff hide is a leveling compound applied to a sheet rock base to use in lieu of joint compound skim coat ( level 5 ) plaster skim coat is a whole different beast.
    with tuff hide you hang regular dry wall and finish as usual to a level 3 or 4 finish and apply the tuff hide as the 5th and prime coat.
    with skim coat plaster you start with blue board mesh the seams and apply a skim of plaster to mimick an old hardwall assambly.
    hoped this helped.

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    Ted S. Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    Thank you James for your response. I assume skim coat plaster over blueboard is a very high quality product, a bit nicer than Tuff Hide over GWB? Or could you not tell the difference? Given of course that both were installed by competant tradsmen.

    I guess what I am looking for is the premium installation method out there, within reason, and without going the extremes of a solid plaster/wood lath old school aproach or other.

    Thank you.

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    Kirk Grodske Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    My understanding is that plaster is a superior finish to drywall due to it's hardness, resisitance to cracking and sound transmission reduction.

    It is, however, more time comsuming and costly due to them more skilled labor to finish and then there are the delays before painting for it to dry and cure.


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    Myron Ferguson Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    The tuff Hide provides a very nice finish. Not as hard as plaster but harder than a regular drywall finish. The added benifit is that Tuff Hide is a primer surfacer, so you achieve a level five finish and prime the drywall all in one step.

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    Tim Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    Would you use tuff hide on a ceiling application?

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    Myron Ferguson Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    Yes on ceilings and walls

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    james johnson Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    myron and kirk just about sums it up, with the plaster we like to wait 20 - 30 days before painting if the plaster has not ben tinted. ( then no paint needed )

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    Sam Singer Guest

    Default Re: Tuff Hide vs. Skim coat

    Plaster can be quicker than taping. It has greater sound reflection (isloation}. It has much greater impact resistance and resists abrasion. As for cracks, durabond 90 and paper tape on seams is the best protection before plastering. Plaster also delivers a true flat plane. No feathering corners to outside corner beads and no feathering out but joints to look flat. A good plaster job leaves a polished surface. There should NEVER be any need to sand or spackle before painting. The highest quality interior wall is three coat over wire mesh. We use job sanded Red Top wood fiber plaster with a finish of lime and gaging plaster.

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