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    Charles Fowler Guest

    Default smooth wall finish

    I am doing a new house construction with a smooth wall finish. What is the steps to complete the smooth wall finish process? The contractor prepped the walls regularly just as you would for a texture and instead of skim coating everything, he primed everything and is about to apply a product called "highbuild latex". Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    kevin Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    I really like to give my walls a good going over with a light at the Primed stage. I use a high solids primer that looks almost like paint so it is easy to see imperfections in the finish. I touch up over the primer coat with topping compound, and spot prime those spots before applying the finish paint.

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    Default Re: smooth wall finish


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    Kelly Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish


    By an amount best described a "a whole hell of a lot", judging by the most recent bid I got for that very thing. Suspect my customer will opt for a light texture in the addition, rather than trying to match the very fine smooth finish in the existing house.

    Ps: Please don't shout (all caps).

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    steve bergstrom Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    i,ve heard of puting a glazed finish on walls and ceilings. could someone give us an in depth instructions on how to achive this process .
    lots of thanks

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    Charles Fowler Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    I'v never heard of a glazed finish but a smooth coat finish will shine like a glazed donut.

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    steve bergstrom Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    Maybe i,ve used the wrong terminalogy. In that case, how would one go about putting a smooth coat finish on the rock after the final sanding and it,s ready for the application of first coat.
    I want the surface to be as smooth as a plaster job when we,re ready for painting

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    michael Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    I've done a few jobs were I experimented with with different applications to achieve a level 5 finish.I had success cutting topping compound with 30 to 40 percent water.TAKE A 3/8 OR 1/2 inch roller,paint it on and wipe back.I use a 24 inch knockdown knife.You might want to check out spray-plast if your looking for a plaster look.

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    steve bergstrom Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    Thanks for the tip on using the topping compound and striking or wiping it back. I don,t have a 24" knockdown knife so i,ll use an old 14" plaster trowel that i broke in about 45 years ago.These wrists might remember how they used to work.I know the shoulders never want to see a hod again.
    have a great day

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    David R. Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    A "Smooth Wall Finish."

    After you tape and have sanded all the joints can you just prime and paint right over the drywall.
    Or is this not hte way to go about a smooth wall finish. I want to do this and I would like to do it right.

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    Charles Fowler Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    The steps I used were tape and sand just a texture but a lot better skim coat everthing check everthing again with lights broom the floors and wipe the walls with a sponge the dust will kill your smooth wall then spray a sealer primer check the walls for dust again then spray on your high build latex check everthing again with natural light and lights you will find somthing then the painter will prime and paint I would not paint over the high build The house I just did tuned out beatufuly.if you want a smooth wall finish hire a pro. And pay the money

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    Myron Ferguson Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    Applying a skim coat of joint compound over the entire surface of the drywall is the final coat of a level 5 finish. The thinned down compound is applied with a taping knife or a roller and is then removed with a knife. Only a thin transparent layer is left and when dry it is lightly sanded, as necessary.

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    David Winslow Guest

    Default Re: smooth wall finish

    Why not just plaster the walls? Hang blue-board, hire a plastering contractor, and Bob's yer uncle! it'll last a lot longer than trying to imitate a plaster finish, and in some parts of the country you can still find a plasterer. Bob
    PS We old plasterers have a weakness for strong drink and loose women, so be careful laddie.

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