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    Re: Step nosing

    My main concern is about the planed-down 3/8" tread was of it coming apart in use. I guess if it was fully adhered to the sub floor, it might work, but I'd still be really concerned about the nose...
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    Just two threads?

    On this forum only, and for the last couple of weeks, I only see a total of two threads. All others have disappeared.

    So this is kind of a test posting, to se if IT appears.

    Just me, or is...
  3. Re: Pour-in Foam for Retrofit Cathedral Ceiling

    DANG, that radiant barrier is effin' magical. Even though it is a "single layer perforated radiant barrier (rb)" . . . "The rb also will stop any air leaks"
  4. Re: Storm Windows: EXTERIOR Storm Windows vs. INTERIOR Polyolefin Panels....

    Air IS a "great insulator" as long as it is trapped in tiny, static spaces - like the spaces between strands of fiberglass or the bubbles in a plastic foam. Air IS the gas in IGUs unless one orders...
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    Re: Step nosing

    You'll never see a complaint, only the (capital C) Complaint after someone falls and injures themselves.

    And, maybe a dumb Architect question, but wouldn't it work out better to remove subflooring...
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    Re: Step nosing

    That's what I was suggesting - except I thought there was a step or two between levels.
    ESPECIALLY since your case is a single step, aka a TRIP HAZARD, make that nosing contrast with all adjacent...
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    Re: Step nosing

    I'd bring hardwood UP to the LVT, instead of LVT down to the hardwood, including at the kitchen level, adjusted for material thickness. Match width of hardwood flooring, but do steps in 5/4 material....
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    Re: Moisture in the attic

    "I spoke with Dean.
    One thing that has changed is that the ridge vent was installed and the gable vents were restricted when the siding was installed. Steel siding with perforations where the gable...
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    Re: Laser measure in bright sunlight

    Get the sensor thingy that beeps at you when the laser is on it until you get the solid tone indicating the laser is in its crosshairs
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    Re: Thinset as Grout

    Or self-priming Bondo
  11. Re: What's the best WRB for densepack cellulose?

    Fan fold generally comes in at a perm rating of about 5 - IF the manufacturer pokes a few holes in the facer. But it is put up without taping the seams, and will be outboard of the WRB, so...
  12. Re: What's the best WRB for densepack cellulose?

    I don't think you will get much value out of a sticky back WRB over your dusty, cellulose poking through the gaps of it, sheathing. What you want is and Air and Water Resistive barrier.

    Id go with...
  13. Re: Pour-in Foam for Retrofit Cathedral Ceiling

    What Ted said at #16.
    You still might have to address vapor drive issues with dens-pack, though.

    And odds are good that there is some blocking in the joist bays that is going to obstruct your...
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    Re: How about sealants?

    See my inserts into the quote above
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    Re: Dark colored pvc or composite trim

    You don't want to put dark paint on PVC. The stuff expands like crazy anyway, and dark just makes it worse. It will expand more than the paint can stretch in some cases.

    Look at a product called...
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    Re: How about sealants?

    "Sealants "expand" 50%": I think you are talking about "stretching" across the width of the joint, no. AFAIK they do not expand of their own accord.

    "50%": That is the maximum range of movement....
  17. Re: tji's or floor trusses installed as roof purlins

    #18: Totally impractical

    Reread #15. Rippers are your friend. But the original lumber framing is going to be easiest and best, especially now that you've revealed a bunch of cantilevered roof...
  18. Re: Best product for protecting new Redwood Siding?

    dgbldr: From Home Depot:
    LOTS of similar products all over-some water-borne, some solvent borne. Silane-siloxanes are pretty ubiquitous as masonry sealers.
    Yes, concrete driveway, exposed agg...
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    Re: Long span TJI

    240/480 = 1/2" deflection at mid span. Bouncy, bouncy
  20. Re: tji's or floor trusses installed as roof purlins

    Custom order with top and bottom chords trapezoidal?
    Or standard order and add your own trapezoidal rips T&B?
    Once they are standing vertically, standard span tables will apply.

    I'd do it with...
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    Re: black architectural hardware

    OZCO had a booth at JLC Live NW. I laid hands on their stuff and it is REALLY heavy and well thought out. Among other things the black through bolts and screws aren't really that. The Ozco system...
  22. Re: Best product for protecting new Redwood Siding?

    I got tired of treating my cedar deck railings every season and am running an experiment. I happened to notice that a silane-siloxane sealer I was using on the driveway said it could be used on wood....
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    Re: NAHB Chart

    If Joe's pdf version is not either "flattened" or locked against copying - to wit you can copy the text list from the pdf, then you should find you can paste it into a blank Excel spreadsheet and...
  24. Re: Replacing entry door with extra deep walls....

    I am rather fond of having thresholds milled to my specification from Corian. Or DIY with a little router and table saw time.
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    Re: vinyl window installation

    Boy, I know there is a fair amount of vinyl siding installed w/o a WRB, but I didn't think that ever complied with code!
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