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    Windows XP

    Any recommendations for those of us that are still running windows XP.
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    Re: Rolling Pantry Hardware

    I have not actually built one but I am designing a kitchen remodel and I am considering using a roll out system. So far, the only hardware that I have found is by "Hafele", pronounced hafla. It's...
  3. Re: Any experienced with exterior pvc trim?

    You only mentioned expansion. Don't overlook contraction. Ever bit as big a problem.
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    Re: Heater fix

    Thanks Tom. It looks as if the connections to the heating element is good. I can't see a break, but how could I check for a break in the element itself? Since the element is made of high resistance...
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    Heater fix

    I have an older Nutone heat / vent unit that everything works fine except the heating element.

    Any suggestions how I might diagnose the problem. There is a small 1/2'dia. x 1/2 cylinder that is...
  6. Re: Packing a (skinny) wide flange beam with wood..

    Is this new or existing construction? What size and type of joist(lumber/I joist) will you be hanging off the steel beam? Simpson Strong Tie makes top flange hangers that eliminate web fillers if...
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    Re: 2" curb

    This is probably a long shot since this is existing construction, but could you drop the floor of the shower so that you do not need a curb?

    Or could you reduce the thickness of the wall opposite...
  8. refinishing deck decking

    I think I know the answer before I ask it, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
    An older deck, not well maintained, constructed with PT 2x6 yellow pine lumber. As to be expected the decking...
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    cfl spot lamps

    I've got 3 recessed 6'dia. eyeball spots and have not found any cfl spot lamps. At least not at the box stores. Is such a item available?

    I have not checked into halogen or led. Halogen run hot...
  10. removing double sided tap from mirror

    Client has a large area of mirror that has some metal trim strips that was recently applied with double sided tape. The tape has a thin form core.
    How it the best way to remove the taped on trim....
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    Re: Mold abatement

    I won't be involved in any demo / clean-up etc. My client just was asking what I knew about mold and I told him that I would see what I could find out. I have passed along what I have learned here....
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    Re: Mold abatement

    Thanks Thing. Excellent reply. Just what I needed. SCC
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    Mold abatement

    A longtime client's daughter had a hot water line failure in the crawlspace of her home. They had a plumber make the repair.

    It flooded and thoroughly wet a large area of the floor decking and...
  14. weatherproffing faux beams

    I have about 80 Lin. Ft. of 4"x12' faux (none structural box) beams that will be totally exposed to the elements. North central Texas.

    How do I weatherproof them so that moisture does not get into...
  15. Re: Venting BBQ....Exterior Structure

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it really works quite well. My client is not compaining about a smoke problem.

    Obviously one does not need to run the fan at maximum CFM. With the variable speed,...
  16. Re: Venting BBQ....Exterior Structure

    Charlie. I did one a couple of years ago. 12'x20' open two sides.
    Required larger hood and fan normally used for indoor kitchen.

    Briefly. Had hood made at local SM shop (48"x24") with filters,...
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    Re: Anchor Bolt Hole size

    Sounds as if this is over and above that required per code? If the number of bolts you have already installed have been inspected and meet code, why do you need to have any additional bolts...
  18. Re: So, what does it all mean Batman?

    "In my experience wealth or the proximity to it is a strong entitling factor"
    Maybe this is this explains poor rednecks voting republican. Makes them feel like they are one of the rich and famous.
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    Re: Remember me?

    Thanks everyone. At least now I know that's it's not personal, like bad breath or something. :>)
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    Re: Remember me?

    m beezo. I check the site daily, but no I don't always log in. I don't shut down but maybe once a week. I always have to log in when posting and sometimes to open some post.
    I just thought "Remember...
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    Remember me?

    I have no idea where this should be posted but:

    Can anyone tell be how I can be remembered. I really do get tired logging in all of the time. I have been a member since 2004. Makes one feel...
  22. Re: Change a truss-supported roof to vaulted / cathedral ceiling (ranch house)

    I doubt that you will get much help here as the site is for professionals in the building trades only.
    Your statement as to getting and engineer involved is right on. You might also get an...
  23. Re: Why this, in San Antonio, TX

    HVAC pro's.? Wait until you see the HVAC equipment and ducts in an unconditioned attic where the temp's can exceed 120*. Also will most likely have one central R/A per HVAC unit.

    Not good, but...
  24. Re: Why this, in San Antonio, TX

    The best way I can answer your question is to simply say, "yes & yes."

    !!!!!Welcome to Texas!!!!

  25. Re: Hot humid climate - exposed rafter tails

    I'm sure that, for the most part, the rafter tails that you are seeing on open cornices is simply the tail of the rafter and would be the same material as the rafter.

    You could cut the rafter...
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