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West Coast protocol

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  • West Coast protocol

    I've gotten automated email replies from all over the world of the type "I'll be out of the office for xxx days", etc. Pretty normal protocol, right?

    Today I got a different take on it from an employee of a good size Oregon company: "I have gone home for lunch".

    You guys crack me up.

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    Re: West Coast protocol

    Maybe he's getting a nooner and want to brag about it. Or not be disturbed.


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      Re: West Coast protocol

      Yep that's a good one
      youtube channel: builtinsbykreg
      if you do not have fun every day... why?
      get up.... get out there..... get going ! rocking all day long
      remember to give out 10 business cards a day !


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        Re: West Coast protocol

        I got a response from an architect several weeks ago who quit his job and the automated email said:

        "In case you were not made aware, last Friday was my last day at ..... If you need immediate assistance, you probably won't receive it."
        "First we finish the game, then we’ll deal with the Armada!"

        Sir Frances Drake