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  • ouch!

    This one stretches the imagination a bit.

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    Re: ouch!

    OK... first of all, this guy's name is Dennis Hennis? His parents ought to be jailed for that. Second, the nail is 3-1/2" and not the usual 3-1/4"? He must be trying extra-hard to be code-compliant.
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      Re: ouch!

      At the last company I worked for as a framer the owner pumped 5 nails into his own chest. Two of which hit his heart. He was thought to have done it around 3:00am and wasnt found until 6:30am when the guys started rolling into our shop. He was Medivac'd and spent two weeks in ICU. He was then moved to a treatment facility for the next two months. He was back on the job framing 6 months later. He claimed he didn"t remember anything and it must have been the medication he was taking to quit smoking.
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        Re: ouch!

        Here's a picture if you need one...:
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