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Enclosed work trailer set up.

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  • Enclosed work trailer set up.

    I am wondering if anyone out there has any recomendations on how to set up a 6x12 enclosed trailer? Shelves on both sides, one side only ect. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Enclosed work trailer set up.

    What will you be using the trailer for? When I had a 6 wide trailer I only put shelves on one side to leave room for materials and bigger equipment I didn't haul everyday. I now have an 8x20 so I put shelves on both sides with an isle up the middle. I did stop my shelves at 12' so I have a space in the back 8x8.



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      Re: Enclosed work trailer set up.

      Check out the Finished Carpentry Gallery Finish Carpentry: Workshops, Trucks, & Trailers . Some of these trailers are nicer than my shop.

      First thoughts, Regardless if you put shelves on one side you need to balance the weight as much as possible. If you leave one side open, you will have real handling problems if you ever run with only the shelf side loaded up. Think about taking a cloverleaf and hitting an unexpected hump in the road.
      Keep the load as low as possible for the same reason. Its very tempting to put the heavy stuff you carry daily at carrying height. In the same vein, balance your load front to back. Your tow vehicle will thank you.

      Think ergonomics, and work flow...when I set mine up, I spent the better part of an afternoon deciding the layout of where I would put things, Then all the next day building and installing shelves.

      I put a bench across the front in the curved nose section, the best feature. On the door side a space for my bucket boss on the floor, next to a narrow shelf. That shelf is topped with my chop saw; at working height; so for very small jobs; I don't have to unload to use it. I left about two feet of floor space open in the back for stuff. I installed a couple of hinged outdoor outlet covers on one side so if I want to run off household power, or leave the compressor in the trailer, I can feed the lines through the outlet, and close the doors. This is has proven to be to be great, when I want to either keep the heat in, rain out, or keep folks with sticky fingers out.

      On the long side I started by placing my table saw directly over the axel. Because I use a rolling stand for the TS; I based the depth of the shelves on the depth of the wheels. That way when I load sheet goods in the back, I can brace them against the shelf.

      If you are interested I’ll snap some shots to show you. Mine is not as pretty inside as some of the ones on the gallery but I was more concerned with versatility than pretty.
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        Re: Enclosed work trailer set up.

        I have some of the same features as Dave in my trailer. I have a 7x14. Workbench across the front and down the left side. I can set my 10'-6" brake on the long bench and feed the coil directly into it. When I'm not bending aluminum, i can set my miter saw on it for those few cuts that are needed for punch list. I planned this organization for about 6 months before I started. First, decide if you are going to use it for material transport only, tools only, or 'mobile workshop'. I went with 'mobile workshop'. I normally work alone or with one helper, so I don't need 5 miter saws or tons of other tools.

        I have 2 GFI face plate covers mounted on the rear corners of the trailer to run elec and air hoses through. I keep me general use compressor inside, and I ran recpticals and lights inside. When I get to a job, I can plug into the house and my batteries can start charging right away, and I have a ''familiar" workshop where I know where everything is. Also, especially in the winter, I can plug the trailer in at home over night to keep batteries juiced up for the next day.

        I do not have a ladder rack or signage on the outside however. I feel it acts like an advertisement for those after-hours tool shoppers. Most of the places I work are currently inhabitated, so it's not like it is sitting in some new development of tract houses.

        As soon as I get my new digital camera i'm going to post some pics.
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