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  • Modifications to metal roof

    Im going to install a gulfcoast supply versalok metal roof. This is a standing seam mechanically sealed hidden fastener roof approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), including Miami-Date.

    My goal is to hurricane proof my home with one of the strongest metal roofs available. I am also doing other things to my home to make it very strong against winds. Those other things are outside the scope of this thread.

    On the gulfcoast supply versalok roof I had previously decided to omit the gable rake cleats and eave flashing cleats. The only purpose of the cleats is to continue the hidden faster design.

    To avoid having panel seams that intersect the vent boots and the chimney, Im starting at one edge with a partial width panel. Im thinking of cutting this panel several inches wider then needed and folding that edge down and screwing it to my fascia. Therefore not needing the gable rake.

    please look at the images below and this company gable rake install video here:



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    The short answer is fallow the install manual if you want to have any kind of warranty. Bending you panel down and not up under a piece of gable trim us just asking for trouble. Also there are details out there using either pre-made closures or Z's if a pipe lands on a rib to keep it water tight. To have the best looking roof have the same width of panel on each gable end.


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      I think I found a better method. See image here . Your thoughts?