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12 volt Right Angle - Li - Ion - Deal $40

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  • 12 volt Right Angle - Li - Ion - Deal $40

    Get their Max service free for 90 days - you can cancel for free shipping. Will arrive in a few days.

    This is an impact model. Anyone have any comment on using it with cabinets ?

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    Re: 12 volt Right Angle - Li - Ion - Deal $40

    Wow that's cheap! I bought one when they first came out and have been very happy with it. Great driving power that you can actually fit in really tight spaces. The variable speed trigger is much too sensitive and functions more like a toggle switch but that's my only complaint other that having to add yet another type of battery and charger to the tools I carry every day. I would buy it again unless Milwakee or Bosch come out with something similar. I also have the Bosch I-Driver but it is slow and has so little power that it is only good for driving really small fasteners. I don't think I have used the I- Driver since I got the Craftsman. It's a very useful tool!