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CST/ Berger lm30 Rotory laser package

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  • CST/ Berger lm30 Rotory laser package

    Does anyone have experience with this laser? I'm looking for an occasional use laser for interior carpentry and small outdoor jobs such as footings and floor grades on additions, etc. The kit contains tripod, manual leveling laser, detector, case, measuring rod at a very attractive price. Also, does anyone have experience with CPO reconditioned tools?

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    Re: CST/ Berger lm30 Rotory laser package

    I have several lasers. Most are self leveling and I really like that feature. I have no experience with the particular model you mentioned but I have purchased many tools from CPO, mostly reconditioned. They are a fantastic company to deal with and I highly recommend them. Almost all of the recon tools I have received from them did not have any sign whatsoever that they had been previously opened or used other than a small marking identifying them as factory reconditioned. The one exception was a Makita reciprocating saw that did look like it had cut a few 2X4s and there were some minor scratches on the metal case. No problem with that for me especially for such a low price. When I first turned it on however I thought I could hear something in the gear case that wasn't just right. I called them to say there might be a problem with the saw and without any trouble at all they said they would ship out a replacement immediately. They also told me to go ahead and use the saw until the replacement arrived. I got the replacement saw in just two days and this one looked and sounded brand new. I put the first one back in the shipping box, put the pre paid return shipping label on it that they sent to me and UPS picked it up from my house. I always check their recon site first when I buy power tools.