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cheap rotary broaching for dummies

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  • cheap rotary broaching for dummies

    Do you need help with a one-off broaching operation. You should watch videos and if you are still confused.

    then you are just like me. But to make it worse, I've actually got 18 broaches - squares, rectangles, and hexes - that I found in a chest years ago. Unfortunately I haven't found anything resembling a holder.
    I've watched a few videos showing broaching on a lathe and, if I understand the process correctly it goes something like this:

    1. The broach sits in a broach holder on the tailstock or tool holder. (I'm pretty sure)
    2. The broach holder holds the broach at a very slight angle to the work. (I'm halfway certain.)
    3. The work, which is held in the lathe chuck or faceplate, has a starter hold drilled to get rid of the excess metal and give the broach room to enter. (I'm somewhat sure)
    3. The broach holder holds the broach but is free spinning. (I'm vaguely sure.)
    4. The lathe is turned on, the work spins, the broach is moved into the workpiece. (I'm pretty sure, you can't broach air.)
    5. When the broach hits the work everything spins in unison and a square, rectangular, or hexagon shape hole magically appears in the work. (just a wild a$$ guess.)

    Of course I'm talking about blind broaches like on the end of a hex bolt, not a through hole.
    So how far off am I on the process, and more importantly is there a shop-made option for those $300 broach in India holders that are for sale on ebay?
    Broach In India