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Tormek SuperGrind 2000

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  • Tormek SuperGrind 2000

    A few weeks ago I was on CL looking through the tools for sale (which as a "toolaholic" I do several times a day) and when I found a Tormek SuperGrind 2000 for $300 with almost all the jigs. The man selling it was retiring and moving to FL and was selling all his woodworking tools.
    I have to say this is a very good tool for sharpening. I do not think I would spend the money to buy one new, but if you can pick one up used, go for it.

    My first test was on an old jointing plan where the blade had not been sharpened correctly. The bevel was not straight and irregular. I bought this plane at a flea market a few years ago and had never tuned it up.

    After about 20 minutes of work the edge was straight and consitant and mirror smooth. As you all know, what a differance a sharp edge makes.

    A few days after I bought mine there was another on CL for more money. If I see any others I will post them here

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    Re: Tormek SuperGrind 2000

    I've got the same model. Great tool and built like a tank.

    When my Labrador was about half grown, he pulled it off my workbench by the cover and the whole thing landed on the concrete floor with no damage. Luckily it scared him enough that he's never done it again.

    You might want to look into some upgrades.

    I added the newer horizontal base (XB100) and universal support with micro adjust (UB105). There is also a much improved truing tool (TT50) that I can highly recommend.

    I have not bothered with changing out the stainless steel shaft with EzyLock (MSK250) because I don't have different grindstones. If I ever get the Blackstone Silicone for modifying the profiles of my turning tools, I'll make this upgrade as well.

    Do you have the leather honing wheel? Used with the honing compound, it produces a razor sharp edge on my chisels as the last step in the sharpening process.
    Joe Adams
    Deep Creek Builders, Inc.
    Houston, Texas


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      Re: Tormek SuperGrind 2000

      Oh great thanks guys something else I have to search for a deal on.

      toolaholics unite!
      Tom D.

      more tools please.


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        Re: Tormek SuperGrind 2000

        Yes I have both honing wheels, the large flat one and the smaler rounded one for lathe tools.
        It came with some of the upgrades, but I did buy the new truing tool and it works great to get the stone round and parallel to the tool rest.
        I now will have something to do on rainy days, sharpen all my dull tools.