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DANGER - Compressed Air

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  • DANGER - Compressed Air
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    Re: DANGER - Compressed Air

    Yikes. Doesn't say why it exploded- if the repair guy did something to it that weakened a seam, or if it was just rusted out. One of the older GC's I sub for neeever drains his tank, I do it for him and he always mutters. Very red/brown rusty water comes out every time, too.
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      Re: DANGER - Compressed Air

      Doesn't say how big the compressor was, what kind of pressure it was running or how old it was. Who works on a compressor without bleeding off the pressure? When I ran my own shop and body shop, the large compressors were bled down each night as we left. Never ever let guys work on them with pressure inn them.
      That story is incomplete, maybe for dramatic effect.

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