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  • Rafter dado saw

    I've been searching for a while now, but cannot find the circular dado saw for cutting the birds mouth in rafters that have been racked up.
    It resembles a skill saw with a stacked dado set on it. Anyone have a clue where I can get one?

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    Re: Rafter dado saw


    I'm a framing contractor in New Jersey, I looked for one to but nobody seems to make them any more do to OSHA reasons.

    In Fine Homebuilding, 'Framing Roofs" Theres an article by Larry Haun, "Framing a Gable Roof" he shows his saw 8 1/4" wormdrive with a dado blade in it. He said made by (Pairis Enterprises)

    I called them up they said OSHA gave them a problem with it.That was about a year and half ago
    you can try to call them now see what they say.

    I found "BIGFOOT SAWS" they make a 10" wormdrive with a swing table that cuts 75 deg at 3 1/2" debth. Also a 14" wormdrive that cuts 75 deg at 5 1/2" debth.

    If you have a (5/12 pit) set your rafters up on the bench, snap your heel cut line and set your regular saw at 22.62 deg and cut that first.
    Than snap your seat cut line and set your bigfoot saw at 67.38 deg and cut that.

    Letme know what you think, you might even have a bigfoot already.


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      Re: Rafter dado saw

      John-even if you could cut the birds mouth out with the dado saw, how are you cutting your plumb cuts. I am a framing contractor in connecticut, and work mostly on 9 to 12 pitch roofs on 2 x 10-2 x 12 material.I went to a JLC hosted seminar will Will Holliday demonstated the chainsaw technique, but I doubt my builders or building inspectors would be impressed. How much of a time saving is this, and how accurate- plus or minus 1/4"? Greg in connecticut- still learning


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        Re: Rafter dado saw


        Do you do alot of track homes, customs?
        Greg has a point, what do you cut your plumb cuts with? and your fascia and soffit cuts?

        I don't know where your from, but i know alot of guys on the west coast cut the fascia plumb cuts after the rafters are up.

        I have the bigfoot 10" wormdrive with the swing table that cuts 75 deg, it's great for rafters over 45 deg, especially for octagon or bay roofs with those 67.5 deg, or even irregular pitched hips and valleys.

        That saw is one of the best tools i ever bought, it's worth every penny. The first time you cut one of those angles, you'll never use anything else.

        Friday i have to cut some rafters on a 71 deg and 62 deg angles.

        I have the Prazi chainsaw blade it hooks up to my makita, I just use it for cutting beams it doesn't
        cut that good for plumb cuts. Like Greg we do alot of jobs where we use 2x10 & 2x12 rafters.
        Bigfoot also makes a circular saw table that attaches to a chainsaw they call it the Beam Cutter they show them cutting plumb cuts with it.


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          Re: Rafter dado saw

          Where can u find the bigfoot saw with the 75* cut table. The only bigfoot saws I can find only come with a 45 degree cut capacity?


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            Re: Rafter dado saw


            I have the 10" bigfoot, look at my post above.
            You can call Bob at bigfoot, his wifes name is Emma.

            Or you can go to their website.

            Or try this link see if this works. Let me know how you made out.



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              Re: Rafter dado saw


              I called Emma about a week ago. She recommended buying the new Bosch 15 amp wormdrive and then a conversion kit for the 10" blade. I figured out the pricing and it is only about $30 more for the Bosch. I'm hoping to get one soon. Of course we would add the swing table. What depth does the Bigfoot cut @ 75*?

              We have the Headcutter attachment for a chainsaw. We tried using it on the last house for some 2x10 rafters on an 8-12 pitch. It worked ok. We clamped a guide (just a 2x4) on top of the rafter and we cut 5 rafter plumb cuts at a time. With a sharper chain it would cut pretty well.


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                Re: Rafter dado saw


                Just got back from vacation, down at the Jersey shore, my son Joey calls this house "The Old House" He wants to go back to the "Shore House" and go on the rides on the boardwalk. I Won him a Spiderman thats as big as him, he just turned 4 all he wants to do is beat up spiderman and put in a headlock and punch him. "The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree"

                I think Bigfoot cuts 3-1/4 at 75 deg I'll check tomorrow or on Tuesday.

                I don't know why Emma doesn't just sell you the whole saw, thats how I bought it.

                It came with the original table on it all I did was take it off and put the swingtable on it.

                I don't use the saw for anything else but for cutting irregular roofs with crazy angles.

                I've used my 10" makita saw for cutting 4x4's, headers for years.

                Once you use that swingtable no matter what saw you by, your going ask yourself, why didn't I get this along time ago.

                I'll let you know ASAP.