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    Or when I build these posts am I mitering or beveling?
    looking at google images it looks like am I cutting a bevel to build a mitered joint
    Or is it a bevel when its exposed and a miter when its hidden?
    Not trying to be a smart ass but I have always thought of corner joints as either mitered or butt


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      A thought crossed my mind this morning that this difference of terms might be why I was having trouble when i asked helpers to cut a piece for me, i had to make sure to tell them whether i wanted them to cut the face or the edge of a board at an angle when we where installing lookouts and soffits
      I hope I never get to old to learn.
      So here's a question, is it a miter or a bevel when you cut a 2x2? :D


      As I think on this most miters are visible so that's not the answer, does it become a mitered joint after you assemble the joint?

      Don't they keep saying the English language is very imprecise?.


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        El, Some of the nomenclature is different in the east than here. When I was going for my lead carpenter cert, the course books came from the east. There were terms that my class had never heard of before. Some of the terminology is different here. Right or wrong, when I say it to my co-workers they know what I mean and it gets done right.


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          I have the Makita. Not bad. No dust I like it


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            Originally posted by Ronald A. Meyer View Post
            I have the Makita. Not bad. No dust I like it
            Thanks,with or without a vac hooked up?