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Problem with peeling wood floor finish

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  • Problem with peeling wood floor finish

    Hi guys:
    Just wrapping up today a small bathroom reno for a regular client, long story short we covered the wood floor outside the bathroom and made a pathway to the outside of the house using first a layer of rosin paper and masonite over it.
    We taped the rosin paper t the floor with the "Delicate" blue tape , but oh surprise when we pulled it up at clean-up some of the floor finish peeled with it.
    It's not really bad and only visible at an angle but regardless, i now have a pretty 1" wide x 5' long stripped mark on the floor to fix.
    Any ideas?
    btw , the floor finish is polyurethane ( oil base) and about 5 ys. old.

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    Re: Problem with peeling wood floor finish

    I don't tape to a finish. I don't use rosin paper under the Masontie. always worried about the red dye getting into the surrounding surfaces. I use disposable tarps under the Masonite, they're paper with a plastic coating on one side.

    A friend had the same issue as you. I don't know why it happens.


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      Re: Problem with peeling wood floor finish

      I had the exact same thing happen when I did a bathroom remodel for my brother and taped down runners to protect the hardwood floors in the house. Luckily, he was getting ready to refinish the floors anyway because that's the only way I know to fix it when you peel off the topcoat.
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        Re: Problem with peeling wood floor finish

        Rosin paper is horrible. I use cloth drops under Masonite. I tape the masonite together and cut to fit the space / walkway.

        If you must tape to site finished wood floors, change the tape daily or every other day. Best idea is to not tape the floor at all...

        The fix? Get a finisher in there and see if they can screen and refinish around the blemishes in the poly. The stain coloring should have not been affected if it is only 5 years old. Old poly is fairly easy for a guy to fix; especially if it is in a hall that is poorly lit...

        I have always had really good luck taping to factory finished water based floors; but never leave the tape on for very long lengths of continuous time.
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          Re: Problem with peeling wood floor finish

          The challenge is to not leave a "ridge" that shows instead of the "valley" you have. If the finish is water based it can be easier. First sand the old finish lightly using a sloped or tapered sanding block. Then, carefully, fill in with the finsih, wet sanding between coats. Oil based uses the same approach, but it always takes me more time and involves at least 3 trys. If it is a prefinished floor I can only tell you I have had great luck.


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            Re: Problem with peeling wood floor finish

            I'm going to try Bill's approach and see how it goes, i have a couple of alternate things i can do also , if it works good i'll be posting before and after pics , if it doesn't , oh well , i'm going to have to take one for the team i guess... :)