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Small EIFS repairs

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  • Small EIFS repairs

    I don't do EIFS and my EIFS guy is not into small repairs. But I do have the need once in a while and I want to train a local handyman to take those calls. Typically it's small dents from errant baseballs and such.

    Does anyone have a source for "repair kits" and/or procedures? Basically filler material and a way to match texture.

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    Re: Small EIFS repairs

    Great question ? Its the only thing excluded in my GL except for environmental. But I'd like to know too.

    "Get three coffins ready" - A Fistful of Dollars 1964


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      Re: Small EIFS repairs

      OK, after some research I found this:

      This guy is local to me and also does repairs, so I might just have him do a job for a customer and watch and see how well it turns out.

      Still interested in hearing from anyone who has done small repairs.