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  • Vinyl Plank Flooring help

    Hey all,

    I have a potential new client that is looking to install vinyl plank flooring in his business. he owns a rehabilitation facility and wants to get rid of the current carpet. he is looking at that trackmaster allure ; the floating floor. The space is around 2000 sf. and he has 3 different offices that could lead to future work.

    My question(s).

    1. being as i have never installed this product, and really dont know how much time it will take, does anyone have any ballpark as to what to charge for labor? the product itself runs around $2 /sf

    2. any tips or tricks for installing that could effect my bid? dont want to under bid and realize that i didnt figure something into it, or dont want to over bid and possibly lose the potential new business.

    thanks everyone in advance.

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    Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring help

    We just installed some of the Swiftlock vinyl plank from Lowes. It's the first time I ever worked with it. We paid a little more attention than usual to floor prep, as far as using a floor leveler on the sub floor to mitigate the whoop de dos, and in the seams of the osb. We also were a more attentive to things like proud nail heads etc. All things you should handle anyway, but we were extra careful about all of that for this install.

    My flooring sub used a VCT Cutter, and it made it really easy. He charged me the same amount that he would of charged for an ordinary laminate plank floor. Once the prep was done, the install went very quickly. It helped that he wasn't making sawdust, or taking a hundred trips to the saw.


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      Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring help

      I did a small area (100 sq ft?), it was easy to do. As mention a VCT cutter works very well. The one I did was over concrete.


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        Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring help

        We just did one and found that the tongues and grooves on our brand did not seem to be as big or hold as good as those on regular laminate. A little flex and they popped loose easier. Looked good once it was down though.
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          Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring help

          Maybe this is a totally different product ... we installed Amtico vinyl plank flooring in a bank branch in 2007 and it still looks new. The planks are about 4" x 36" and they glue down like commercial vct. We used an oak wood grain, it also comes in colors.


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            Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring help

            Heres a link if your not familiar with them. Use the search bar. Sorry if this just adds to your anxiety as addl info sometimes does.


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