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Flat Screen TV on fireplace mantle

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  • Flat Screen TV on fireplace mantle

    My clients want their TV mounted on the fire place above the mantle. It's gonna be a simple cultured stone veneer over plywood box, and should be pretty simple. I've been looking around for a very low-profile mount for a flat screen tv that would allow some tilting and turning, but still let the tv sit flat and tight to the stone when not in use. Has anyone done one of these recently? got an advice for making this look good?
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    Re: Flat Screen TV on fireplace mantle

    ive done several and they are pretty easy except when hagging the tv.... depending on size you will need help to hold it up..

    most sellers of tvs have all types of brackets. if you can put some blocking behind the box with 2x4 to lag into would be necessary. then build around it.

    dont forget to bring the wiring up to the spot behind the tv for all the connections, power, cable, dvr etc.

    also wherre are the boxes going... cable, dvr etc. cordinate that also.

    also you might be able to reasearch google for online brackets. that do what you want.

    hope this was helpful.
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      Re: Flat Screen TV on fireplace mantle

      you may want to recess the mounting bracket into the box so that it doesn't stand off the wall to far.

      or recess the whole tv in a deeper box so that you can turn it how ever much you want and never see the back of the unit.
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        Re: Flat Screen TV on fireplace mantle

        I've done lots of home theaters. The only time I'll put a TV on a mantle is if the fireplace is one of the sealed ones that won't leak smoke and soot out the front. Even flat screen TVs develop an internal static charge which will attract the soot and eventually short it out. Though you don't see a picture the TV is actually running 24/7.
        If that is not a problem, then there are various brackets with a scissors action that are only about three inches deep when folded. Depending on the size, make sure it is well anchored.
        A problem often encountered is the cables getting in the way. Radio Shack and other electronic places have right angle adapters so the cables don't stick out and cause the fittings to break when moved.
        Good luck.