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12" x 12" ceiling tiles

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  • 12" x 12" ceiling tiles

    I am trying to match some 12x12 ceiling tiles. The ones that are up have holes in them, (they look like peg board but the holes are closer together)

    Does anybody have a source that may have some?

    Thanks for you help,

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    Re: 12" x 12" ceiling tiles

    Rick, try going to and search for "WL816". This is a pdf with sample photos. You will need to scroll down the pdf to find some 12x12 tiles.



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      Re: 12" x 12" ceiling tiles

      I was recently looking for something similar, trying to match them for a patch job in a basement. No dice. Local yard could get something "close" but it was a special order with minimum qtys. I ended-up doing the whole room with a 12 x 12 plain style they had in stock.



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        Re: 12" x 12" ceiling tiles

        The leading manufacturer of those tiles was Celotex which went down with the asbestos and hardboard litigation. Other companies have purchased many of their products out of bankruptcy and BPB Corp seems to have their ceiling tile. Click on all of the links to identify the tile you are looking for.
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