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fiber cement siding over T1-11?

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  • fiber cement siding over T1-11?

    My house curently has T1-11 siding over celatex. What I would like to do is install fiber cement siding. Some folks tell me that I should just go over the T1-11. My gut feeling is that if I want to do it right that I should remove the old siding, install a vapor wrap and then side with the fiber cement. It does represent a lot more work but I don't want the job to look like a typical 'home owner's' project. Most of all I want it to be right. Any opinions or suggestions????????

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    Re: fiber cement siding over T1-11?


    Be careful, the T1-11 may be the diaphram that is bracing your house (although I doubt it because of the Celotex behind it). First of all I would check and see if there is a weatherproof barrier behind the Celotex, installing two weatherproof barriers could cause problems trapping moisture between them. If there is a weatherproof barrier behind the Celotex, I would daiphram nail off the T1-11 and repaint it. I would not install fiber-cement, if you don't like the look of the T1-11 after it is renailed and painted, I would recommend siding over the existing T1-11 with cedar, stucco, or even 12" o.c. Reverse Board and Batten T1-11. If there is no weatherproof barrier behind the Celotex, I would install 15# felt on top of the existing T1-11, if there is a weatherproof barrier behind the Celotex, I would *not* install another weatherproof barrier but would install the new siding directly on the existing T1-11 leaving the existing plywood as sheathing and bracing. Fiber-cement has no structural value whatsoever, and cheapens a house. It has proven a disaster on roofs, and the attorneys are now looking hard at it as a siding material. I would lump it into the same "junk" category as aluminum, vinyl and asbestos siding. I would venture to predict that houses with fiber-cement will be unsellable within a few years (at least without giving a credit to the purchaser for the cost of removal and residing).


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      Re: fiber cement siding over T1-11?

      Two Questions:
      Don, are you using FC panels or planks? It makes a huge difference.
      Dick, Are you basing your opinion of FS on your experience? Will you give more details please.